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USB Bar Code Interface:

Automate the loading of programs using a job sheet with bar code program identification. Scanning a bar code can command the 527F to search your network to find the correct part program and load into memory.


Additionally, tool information from a pre-setter can be added to a job sheet and entered via bar code by an operator for increased productivity. 

Any individual or combination of 527F commands can be printed via bar code for operator use. Automating data entry minimizes set up time and makes the machine much more user friendly for operators who may not have extensive CNC experience.

527F Bar code set up example


Set up sheet for job 2388 

  1. Load program from known file server location into memory. 

Create a sample job sheet with bar codes and insert in this text box.

  1. IN values fall between 5 and 10.  

  2. When satisfied that the pointer stays on zero ~  +/-.001, adjust the RAMP parameter for ideal results through all
    spindle speeds.

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