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The 527F comes standard with a NUC form factor PC that connects the pendant monitor in order to view CNC operation. This is not a PC control – it's simply using the PC to view 527F screens via software. The operator can minimize, maximize and scale the 527F screens like any other Windows program. Leaving out the keyboard & mouse will keep the CNC screen active and maximized at all times. The CNC screens auto boot on power up.

The PC_USB video kit includes a USB dongle that connects to a NUC form factor computer mounted inside the pendant. 527F screen information streams via USB and is displayed on the screen. A pendant mounted tray supports a customer proved wireless mouse and keyboard. Legacy pendants require a monitor with VGA or HDMI inputs. The enhanced pendant is not required.

Run software on a PC with confidence knowing it cannot interfere with CNC  operation. The USB connection is one way and only screen data is sent from the 527F. 

Enhanced Video.png
Fadal CNC 88HS w bottom tray.png

The enhanced video is compatible with HS, 88HS, MP and 32MP legacy pendants. (VGA or HDMI monitor required) 



Having a PC running independently from the control at your machine brings powerful programming options without having to run back and forth to your office. Load the  G code viewer or simulator of your choice (not included) on to the PC and simulate your G code that way you want.


Installing a CAM package provides complex program generation/simulation right at the machine. The 527F viewing software can be minimized or closed at any time without affecting operation of the control.


Connecting the 527F and the PC to your network allows you to view files resident on the 527F SD card, network files, and USB  programs.  A user can easily drag and drop files industry standard FTP protocol. No special software is required. The 527F can run files directly from SD card memory in a high speed DNC mode or the files can be imported into CNC memory from the SD card as well.


Ever wonder where a running machine is in its program or its status? Adding any number of remote viewing software options to the PC brings the 527F screen to your desk or phone with a secure network connection. (Google Chrome remote desktop shown)

View machine operation, status, time remaining in a program,.. from virtually anywhere.


Google remote viewer, Teamviewer and others provide the security you need to select who can view the machine's current screen. 

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