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Chiller and Flood Coolant Monitoring

The 527F-RB82 includes 2 inputs that can be connected to flood coolant and chiller pressure switches.

Chiller monitoring

A user supplied pressure switch added  the cooling system line is wired to one of the modules inputs. An alarm and subsequent E-stop is generated if an unusual pressure condition exists. is monitored for a normally open condition. The chiller fault will only occur is the spindle is running. This helps to protect against catastrophic spindle fault due to insufficient Dow Frost. Another pressure switch can be added if the pressure exceeds the nominal range due to a clogged pump filter;• pinched oil lines; or clogged cross tubes. 

Flood coolant monitoring
A pressure switch connected to the flood coolant line is monitored by the 527F and will generate a warning, then fault if the pressure fall above or below nominal values during operation. Multiple pressure switches can be wired in series for min and max set points. The 527F monitors the flood coolant pressure switch only when the flood coolant is commanded on. 

Status Relay Output

Status relay schematic.jpg
Analog Outputs schematic.jpg

Relay contact outputs

The 527F-RB82 adds 8 dry contact relays that close under defined machine conditions. These relays can be wired to tower lights, horns or devices that send email or text alerts. Other uses include connecting the relays to data gathering systems in order to measure machine operation and efficiency.

  • E-stop

  • Machine running

  • Slide Hold

  • Warning ( low way lube,...)

  • Spindle On

  • Cycle complete

  • M300/M301 turn output 6 On/Off

  • M302/M303 turn output 7 On/Off


The outputs are Form A  SPST N.O. relay contacts. Max current 3A 230VAC / 30VDC

Analog Outputs*

(2) analog outputs are scaled to indicate the feed rate percentage and status of the rapid travel switch. 

  • Feed rate percentage 0-150%

  • Rapid travel switch. 25, 50 & 100 %


 ( scaled 0-2.5 volts DC = 100%.)


*Analog signals are 8 bit values. The receiving device may need to generate an offset and/or gain. Load impedance must not be less than 5K ohm

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