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How much memory does the 527F have?

The 527F has several memory locations. The internal memory for program storage is 512Mb. The control also has 16 GB of SD flash for program library storage. Programs stored in the SD card can be checked in and out of the 512MB CNC space. Programs sent to the 527F via Ethernet are stored on the SD flash memory card. Programs can be run in high speed DNC mode directly from the SD card. This is similar to the data server capability of Fanuc controls. Programs can also be transferred to/from SD card memory to internal memory. USB flash keys of any size can also be used to transfer programs into internal memory.

Can I use my existing monitor with the 527F?

The 527F video comes from a PC running software that communicates to the CNC via USB connection. The PC's we are currently shipping have both HDMI and VGA connections. If your current monitor will accept an HDMI or standard 15 pin VGA connection, there is no need to change the display.  A good way to check your monitor is to connect a laptop or PC to your monitor and verify the monitor displays correctly. Note: If you purchased an ELE-0189 from Calmotion, it needs to be modified in order to work with the 527F. The ELE-0189 controller board is a custom interface that translates the Fadal NTSC into standard LCD monitor signals. You can send your monitor in to have the controller board replaced for a nominal fee.

How much faster will my machine run with the 527F?

The rule of thumb is that most customers will be able to increase their feedrate by 2x-3x with no loss in part integrity or finish. In addition, most users reach a spindle speed limitation before they reach the max feed rate capability of the control.

Can the enhanced pendant be used on any machine?

We curently have two pendant options. One is for the HS and the other for the MP in which we re-use most of the wiring looms,.. for easy installation. We offer replacment pendant enclosures for 32MP and CNC88 pendants. Contact us for more information.

Does the 527F perform better with AC of DC machines?

In our experience, there is little to no difference in the cutting performance between AC or DC machines. The exception are the rapid limitations which are tied to ballscrew limits.

Can I use the 527F to replace controls other than the legacy Fadal control?

No. The 527F was designed in a form factor specific to the S100 bus card cage used in Fadal legacy machines. It cannot be used with machines built with Siemens or Fanuc controls. We plan to release a universal version soon. Please check back with us .

What is the difference between the 527F and the 527FX?

The 527FX is identical to the 527F with 3 exceptions. 1. The 527FX does not support DATC machines. 2. The 527FX does not have a serial port. 3. Cutter comp is an option for the 527FX.

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